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Tintos y robles


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3 reasons why you should consume wines made with organic grapes.

Currently they are a product little valued by the general public, but organic grapes look and taste the same as conventional ones, with the difference that they are a much better product for our land and our body. Today we want to present to you the reasons why we recommend consuming wines made with this kind of grapes.


El novio perfecto

This white wine is quite a surprise. A unique wine, really, from its conception. Normal its success outside our borders, especially in the British Isles.

Enate Cabernet-Merlot

It is a wine with character and typical features of the Somontano area, more specifically Salas Baja (Huesca). Therefore we will find an intense product, with strength but with a good roundness and acidity combined with the fruity aromas, this makes it a wine for all palates. We invite you to try this winery and specifically this wine since it has received innumerable awards. Cheers!

Txakoli, a wine from the Basque Country

Two of the best known varieties in the Basque Country to produce txakoli are the Hondarrabi Zuri (white grape) and the Hondarrabi Beltza (red grape), which are only found in that region and have the peculiarity that cannot be found anywhere another part of the world. Due to the characteristics of its soil and the weather, mild temperatures throughout the year and close to the coast.

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