Would you like to take a tasting of two wines with the most fashionable DO in Spain? Let’s go get that MasterMind on tastings.
We take you a wine tasting to the sofa of your house, we want you to enjoy with us, this experience for your senses. Don’t worry about anything, we’ll send you the wines home before the tasting. Just worry about enjoying yourself
What wines will we taste? Bobal de San Juan (DO Requena), Antonio Montero and Godello (DO Monterrey)
What do you need?
– Internet connection.
– The crystal cups.
– An opener
– You want to enjoy two good wines in the best company.
We wait for you, do not miss your moment of enjoying one of the pleasures of life.

 25,00 (VAT incl.)

Wine tasting online, via zoom with yourwineathome team. We will taste two DO trendy wines in Spain.
Bobal de San Juan (DO Requena) The first wine is a single-variety DO Requena red from the Bobal grape, a newly recovered variety and emblem of appellations of origin such as Utiel-Requena Antonio Montero Godello (DO Monterrey)
The second a wine played by the Atlantic, made in the province of Ourense, the Godello variety will be an unforgettable experience.

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