DON PX COSECHA (Toro Albalá)

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It is a amber green wine with heavy tears. Without stirring the wine shows sensations of peaceless fruit, figs, rabbits, dates and raisins. Alcohol opens the way to smells of honey, cocoa and slightly citrus sensations on a background of rachis. On the attack we find a sweet wine, with fiery sweetness that immediately takes us to the P.X. walks. The mid palate is wide, fills the taste, full of sensations. The finish is long, unctuous, persistent. Bitter and slightly astringent tastes reminiscent of the algarroba, which melt in balance, with the taste of raisin, honey and dates. Serve very cold in a glass of liquor. Its conservation improves over time, even open. Alone it is an excellent dessert, although it can perfectly accompany blue cheeses, pastas, ice creams or the fruit of time. From its beginning in the harvest until the end of August, the Pedro Ximénez grape is brought to sandy soil to carry out the process of passification. Hydraulic press is used in its production, complex because it is a peaceful grape. A sweet must is obtained so that, after its partial fermentation, first quality rectified vitamin alcohol is added, resting for at least one year in stainless deposits for decanting, since this wine is not subjected to filtrations for its high density.

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Aguilar de la Frontera


Toro Albalá


Montilla – Moriles


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