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It is one of the wines of Spain with more projection, an ideal wine to “break the ice” on dates, well known to young people for dinners of friends. For its slightly sweet taste, stopped by the grape naturally, and its low degree, it especially pleases women. To drink alone, as an aperitif, mid-afternoon and even in the evening, as an alternative to cocktails and combinations, but above all it is a good and cheap wine to drink in company. Serving temperature: serve very cold, between 7oC and 9oC. If you decide to buy wine online, this is an ideal wine to taste it cold +9oC and, above all, in company. Do not hesitate to buy El Novio Perfecto, one of the most sought after wines, a trendy wine among young people, since together, name and its label, are attractive, we could say that they “give a lot of play”.

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Bruno Murciano


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