PRIMAVERA BLANCO (V. T. Extremadura)

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A straw yellow wine with greenish iridescent. On the nose it recalls fruity aromas of exotic fruits and white fruits (grapefruit and pineapple). On the palate unctuous, sweet with small sweet touches, the fruity tones and an integrated acidity stand out. It is a semi-sweet wine of low alcohol content, with a sweet itching and a little gas, destined for the world of initiation into the consumption of this drink, which can be purchased in large areas. Primavera Blanco is a 100% Chardonay, a very unusual French strain in Extremadura. The harvesting of this grape is done by hand and in perforated boxes at their optimum ripening point. The Pink Spring has fewer degrees and sweetness. It is made with Tempranillo grapes for 50% and the rest Syrah and Merlot.

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V. T. Extremadura


Sani Primavera


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