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It is a red wine aged for 9 months in 2700 litre wood vat and in used French oak barrels. It is structured, medium-bodied, with marked but ripe tannins and a subtle almost imperceptible bitterness that confirms that balance between rusticity and finesse. Very well defined in all aspects, color, nose and mouth, a wine with a lot of personality, direct, light and fluid, very easy to drink, complete and long. To know the rufete variety, the Sierra de Francia and discover a new horizon, Tragaldabas.It has a ruby color, with pinkish tones, medium or even medium-low robe. On the nose it is refined, feminine and with very spicy, sparkling notes; curious and attractive. Open it half an hour before, and it will offer you very fruity aromas, strawberries, raspberries, fresh berries and ripe cherries, on a background of spicy spices, as we pointed out, and balsamic with a medicinal, effervescent touch; with time in the glass it relaxes and gives way to notes of undergrowth, of moist soil, always aroped by an intense floral fragrance, sweet, roses and violets. On the palate that vibrant, effervescent sensation reappears, a spicy acidity that gives it a rustic air but is not at odds with the elegance of the set: fruity, floral, with a wild background of juniper and earthy berries.

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